Dear visitors, in the table below you can find the prices of accommodation in Villa Galeb. All the prices are in RSD. The VAT is included.

Room / Service 1/1 1/2 1/3 Apartment suite

2.700 din (smoking)

2.900 din


3.500 din 5.000 din


4.000 din


5.000 din


6.100 din

Day Rate 2.000 din 2.500 din 2.500 din 2.500 din
City Tax (per person) 70 din 70 din 70 din 70 din
Breakfast (per person) 300 din

Prices are expressed in RSD, VAT included.

In case of booking full accomodation possibilities of the facility for one or more nights, customer may be granted a discount of 10% on the price of accommodation in rooms, not including breakfast and city tax.

In case the company/institution which concluded  a special service agreement with “Galeb TES d.o.o. – ogranak Villa Galeb” pays for the service provided to the guest, the agreed price shall be charged.

This price list shall enter into force on the day of its adoption and shall be applied from 01.04.2019.